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My activity?

I have been creating in different spheres since 2012. The last 2 years I've been managing some projects as GameClient[WEB] and MultiplayerSpades. Basically I create sites and games. Sometimes I record videos and upload them on my YouTube channel.
Also I know PHP & HTML, Lua, Python (a little) and C# (a little too). I know how to use ORM RedBeanPHP and Bootstrap.


GameClient[WEB] - service with powerful functionality. Includes products (apps) store, hosting files, chats, etc. Translated into Russian and English languages.

MultiplayerSpades - multiplayer sandbox game with addons, map editor and extensive functionality of server administration... Developed with modificated game engine Construct 2. Set up a server and call friends to play!
Note: game is in early beta. Reports about bugs are welcome.

Ballon - is one of the oldest projects, developed in 2015. It is a simple logical 2D platformer on Construct Classic.

Ballon: Hack World - remake of Ballon on Costruct 2.



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